Sang Bleu Zurich uses USM products

Sang Bleu Tattoo Studio, founded in London by Maxime Büchi whose global reputation owes much to the work he has done for Kanye West and the Swiss watch brand Hublot, opened its first international branch at Dienerstrasse 26, Zurich, on 27 May 2016. USM’s work for Sang Bleu Zurich is the first time that USM has ever engaged in a project with a tattoo studio. All the furnishing is customised to meet the needs of the tattoo artists and the studio.

About USM and Sang Bleu
USM set up “project 50” in 2015 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of USM Haller modular furniture. In these celebrations, the company chose to focus on the future rather than on the past, and invited the new generation of students and designers to say what modularity meant to them. The #usmmakeityours campaign, launched in early 2016, continued this future-oriented vision by focusing more than ever before on the people who have chosen USM products, and how they make use of them in daily practice. The spotlight is thrown as much as possible on new versions of USM products and new environments – such as a tattoo studio! – in which they are used.
USM has a lengthy tradition of strong links with the world of dedicated artists. The philosophy of Maxime Büchi and Sang Bleu fits very well into this picture, and the project for the new Sang Bleu Studio in Zurich gives USM yet another chance to demonstrate the flexibility and modularity of USM products. For example, a USM tattoo trolley that is tailored to meet the needs of tattoo artists has been developed in consultation with Maxime Büchi – another example of the way in which #makeityours can be a practical programme for action as well as a campaign slogan.
Sang Bleu Zurich comprises not only not only a team of world-famous tattoo artists led by Maxime Büchi but also a concept store right next to the beating heart of Zurich’s night life and the new Europa Allee offering such labels as Cottweiler, Zana Bayne, TTYA, Armes and the studio’s own brand Sang Bleu Physical, with exclusive dealership rights for some of these products in Switzerland. USM has helped Sang Bleu to take an innovative approach to the presentation of the products.

Über Sang Bleu
Maxime Büchi founded Sang Bleu in 2006 as an interdisciplinary art project. One of the first activities was the publication of a highly influential avant garde magazine, which made the name of Sang Bleu well known in the fields of fashion, fine art, photography, performance, literature, sociology and tattoo art. Sang Bleu opened its London Tattoo Studio in 2013, and soon became known throughout the world as one of the most innovative, high-quality studios, with celebrities such as Kanye West, Frank Ocean, FKA Twigs, Miguel, Keith Flint of The Prodigy and Adam Lambert of Queen among its clients. A dozen tattoo artists led by Maxime Büchi work regularly in the studio, frequently supplemented by renowned guest tattooists from around the world. Sang Bleu Zurich will maintain the same high standards, and will regularly include leading tattooists, artists and top fashion designers among its guests.

About Maxime Büchi
Born in Lausanne in 1978 as the son of Christophe Büchi, the well-known journalist from the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Maxime Büchi studied psychology at the University of Lausanne and graphic design at the Cantonal School of Art in Lausanne (ECL). He lived in Zurich, Paris and London, working as a designer for studios and magazines like NORM, North Design, Self Service Magazine and Arena Homme+. He later taught at the ECAL in Lausanne, Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD) and the Institute for Fashion Design of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) in Basel. In 2006 he apprenticed himself to Filip Leu, the most outstanding tattoo artist in Switzerland, and on completion of his training he returned to London and set up his own studio there. Maxime Büchi currently works as a tattoo artist, Creative Director and publisher. He founded Sang Bleu Magazine and the fashion publication Novembre Magazine and the typography studio Swiss Typefaces, where his work includes the design of logos and fonts for Mugler, Damir Doma, Rick Owens, Balenciaga, Vogue Turkey and Esquire Magazine. Maxime Büchi has worked with a number of top fashion designers such as Alexander McQueen, and is ambassador for the Swiss watchmakers Hublot.

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