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Adaptation and expandability in all spatial dimensions is our basic principle. USM Modular Furniture fits all your needs be it at home or at the office.

Like life itself, our living spaces are in a constant state of change. Trends and individual preferences evolve regularly. Things come and go, whether it is as a result of technological innovations, growing collections or a pending move. But one thing is always true: Our living spaces reflect the way we think and feel. This is where we spend our time, relax, and enjoy life. Furnishings that can move and grow with us, and take on new roles, are a prerequisite.

Similar trends impact the office environment. Growing demand and the design of more flexible and sustainable working environments call for a whole new kind of capability in office furnishings.
Furniture solutions that grow with you, that are versatile and even adjust to take all dimensions of sustainability into account, are becoming a permanent companion in times of corporate change.

The USM Product Lines

Modular furniture in timeless design. That is the principle behind USM since its inception about half a century ago. Furniture for the home and office environments which is created from just a few basic elements. A tailor-made solution that can be expanded or reconfigured at any time. Each piece of furniture allows room for individual versatility and creativity.

Our Product Lines

The USM Service

The range of USM products is complemented with USM services: USM provides specialists training in furniture configuration and design to ensure professional customer support. From planning services catered to your needs to final delivery and assembly by qualified experts, USM is accompanying you all the way. Our dedicated team of planners and reliable distribution network will work closely with you to turn you project into reality. Our furniture designers are as concerned with the development of our products as with the individual configuration of your furniture. For USM assembly and repair of our products please contact us or your sales partner, who possess the necessary expertise and technical resources, guaranteeing top-quality service at any time.

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Legal Rights

USM Modular Furniture Haller was developed in Gümligen/Bern as early as 1962, and its acceptance into the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, in New York, in 2001 further established its nature as an original work of applied art. The copyright protection applying to USM Modular Furniture Haller was confirmed by case law. USM Kitos and USM Privacy Panels are additionally protected under patent, design and trademark laws.


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