International Basketball Federation - FIBA

“We needed a furniture system that can play along with change and growth, just like when our best players hit their shots,” 

Florian Wanninger, Director of International Basketball Foundation

House of Basketball – Headquarters for the World Federation

After a long search, the Fédération Internationale de Basketball Amateur (FIBA) has found a home in the town of Mies on Lake Geneva. FIBA represents more than 200 national basketball federations and is the organization where everything related to international basketball is managed. In June 2013, a new building designed by the office of Luscher Architectes from Lausanne was opened, perfectly customized to the world federation and its sport.

Constructed Identity

The architects used many explicit and implicit analogies to make their “House of Basketball” the constructed expression of an entire athletic identity. And so the building emerges from the landscape based on a grid reminiscent of a hand – the FIBA logo. At the entrance to the FIBA headquarters, a work of art once again echoes the hand motif. The supporting structure, which evokes the image of the net structure of a basketball basket, allows for wide overhangs and the formation of a freely spanned, 1,000-square-meter lobby. The floor is modeled on a basketball court, while the reception counter features the typical rubberized surface of a basketball. Visitors can learn about the past and the future of basketball on large screens and in a “Hall of Fame.” The scenography, dedicated to the FIBA motto “We are Basketball,” was developed by the Swiss “atelier oï” and has already been rewarded with a 2014 Award for Marketing and Architecture nomination for everyone involved.

Distinguished, Flexible, Designed for the Future

The layout design of the “House of Basketball” primarily includes open and transparent office and working environments for employees of the federation. Wood, glass and steel dominate these rooms, while individual basketballs mounted on steel cables create colorful accents.

All the offices at FIBA headquarters and the library are furnished with USM Haller furniture. For the client, the high-quality, distinguished character of the furniture system was key when making the selection. But the concept of flexibility also played a major role. During numerous relocations prior to moving into the new building, FIBA had learned the importance of adaptability and the value of a furniture system that can respond easily to growth and change.

The new “House of Basketball” meets very high energy and environmental performance requirements. In this way, the architects have delivered on their promise, not only by offering FIBA an emblematic building as the perfect playing field for their activities, but also by creating a building that exudes innovation and sustainability.

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