Multi-Disciplinary Studio Storage

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USM in the office

Ghiora Aharoni Design Studio, New York (USA)

USM Haller storage units in granite black highlight Ghiora Aharoni’s design aesthetic. Aharoni opened his multi-disciplinary studio for art, architecture and design in 2004, inspired by the principle of gesamtkunstwerk, the synthesis of multiple disciplines to create a total work of art. That concept extends to his New York headquarters, where his six-person team work side by side in an open-plan office. “The studio is an expression of our sensibility: purity of form; the combination of natural and industrial materials; craftsmanship; and technology,” says Aharoni, who chose USM Haller storage units in graphite black to help establish flow and define the 1,500-square-foot space without detracting from the feeling of expansiveness. “It has the presence of a sculptural installation,” he says, “which forms an engaging counterpoint to other site-specific elements and furniture that I designed or selected for the studio.”

Inside the USM storage units, one can glean a more complete understanding of Aharoni’s gesamtkunstwerk. Behind any given door or inside any drawer, one will find an array of materials for the artist/designer’s many creative projects: antique Judaica, for a group of sculptures entitled the Genesis Series; architectural drawings and balsa-wood building models; vintage travel snapshots from India used in his recent museum exhibition in Mumbai; a selection of wines; and, in Aharoni’s words, “all those other essential yet pedestrian things a studio needs but doesn’t need to see on a daily basis.”

Products Featured: USM Haller Flexible Storage System  

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