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Grand Elegance

Interior Designer Ildiko Sragli and Barry Appelman bought a duplex loft on Murray Street in Lower Manhattan in April 2001. Nearly 15 years later, the neighborhood has literally grown remarkably, as...

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Surrounded by Favorites

Mr. T. a collector of various things such as classic toys, art objects, furniture, motorcycles and bicycles, was contemplating how he could harmonize his collection with his house. This led him to...

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A farmhouse goes modern

After their children moved out, Chantal and Dominique decided to give the house they had lived in for 30 years a radical make-over, abandoning the farmhouse style for a more contemporary feel with...

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Basketball meets modern storage

What modern furniture designer could possibly be better suited for the glass and basketball-loving headquarters of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) than USM? When it comes to the story...

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Multi-Disciplinary Studio Storage

USM Haller storage units in granite black highlight Ghiora Aharoni’s design aesthetic. Aharoni opened his multi-disciplinary studio for art, architecture and design in 2004, inspired by the principle...

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Simple elegance in black and white

Contemporary furniture meets old-world architecture in this stylish residence. Architect Lukasz Zagala and his wife Magda took the healthcare physician’s principle primum non nocere (first, do no...

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Light and easy

Lindsey Adelman constructs stunning chandeliers from tubes and joints, arranging them into one-of-a-kind light mobiles. One such creation hangs in her living room, while others have been published in...

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USM Haller sideboard red kitchen

Before after

When he began renovating the kitchen of his Montmartre apartment, François Motte decided against a standard kitchen cabinet. USM fit the bill, setting itself apart in its design, its robustness, and...

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City oasis

The architect Gabrielle Hächler lived in a house built by Pierre Zoelly, Sarah Zoelly’s father. And now Sarah lives in a house built by her friends Gabrielle Hächler and Andreas Fuhrimann: a...

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In metal casing

At fifteen meters wide and eighty-nine meters long, the plot for this house, after subtracting all required neighbor setbacks, left only a six meters wide strip on which to build. A pair of...

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