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USM represents timeless design as well as comfort and functionality in the office. This includes both key concepts of “ergonomics”, the science that essentially explores and improves people's working conditions. Many “hard” and “soft” factors act together here: work structures and working hours as well as atmosphere, space requirements, materials, acoustics, networking and office equipment adaptability. With the USM Haller Modular Furniture system and the height-adjustable table systems by USM Haller and USM Kitos, many of these factors can be influenced for the better.

Investments in ergonomics result in immediate advantages in many areas. Good working conditions and ergonomic office furniture are first and foremost an essential component of responsible corporate health management because they help reduce absenteeism due to illness. They provide the basis for well-being and thus for motivation, identification with the company and great workplace efficiency. Above all, ergonomically designed and furnished workplaces are also able to flexibly respond to the needs of our modern office environment. But the focus is on much more than legroom, thanks to a height-adjustable desk and good visual conditions when working in front of computer screens. It's about fast responsiveness, easily switching between sitting and standing work positions, between formal and informal work, between concentrated individual work and creative teamwork for which conference tables can transform into table landscapes. The goal of today's ergonomics is the easy adjustability of each workstation to changing users and scenarios. It is important to meet the current and the future demands of a work environment that is increasingly characterized by interaction, communication and flexible team structures.

The term “ergonomics” occurs so often and is questioned just as frequently. Therefore, the brochure provided here for download gives a clear overview of essential information about the topic and answers the crucial question of why ergonomics means so much more than creating “soft” commodities. Product examples demonstrate how USM contributes to good and modern working conditions as an office furniture manufacturer of ergonomic desks.

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