The Exquisite Swiss Mountain Lodge

Zermatt, Switzerland

The Omnia – A Mountain Lodge at the Foot of the Matterhorn

The awe-inspiring Omnia is not located on a simple street, where you would find most hotels or lodges. Instead, it's nestled magestically against the wall of a cliff. The building itself comes with a colorful construction history, and was built on a special site: on top of a cliff in the center of Zermatt. Today its components unite the traditions of Swiss craftsmanship so familar to USM Haller: the spirit of the American lodge, and the timeless elegance of design classics of the 20th century, all assembled into a cohesive, harmonious whole. These trends were brought together by New York-based, Turkish-born architect and designer Ali Tayar, with USM Haller furniture selected to compliment this unconventional Swiss hotel. 

Leaning Against the Cliff 

The Omnia reigns magestically over the city. Balconies supported by a steel structure grace the wood-paneled facade like a second spatial layer. Visitors reach the hotel through a tunnel blasted through the rock. From there, a glass elevator transports them up to the hotel lobby, 50 meters above. Guests can choose among 30 rooms and 12 suites, along with a restaurant, a spa, a library and a cavern carved deep into the granite, available to use as a club or conference room.

Primordial Yet Modern

Innately primordial materials dominate the interior spaces: gray granite, white oak, leather and felt. The architect insisted that the materials be primarily from Switzerland and finished by domestic firms. Ali Tayar custom designed many of the furnishings and fixtures for the hotel. But in pursuit of his concept of the Mountain Lodge, he also brought the relaxed spirit of American modernism to Zermatt, with furniture by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Raymond Loewy, Vladimir Kagan and Eero Saarinen.

USM – a Classic Among Classics

USM Modular Furniture – displayed in the collection of New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) – complements this selection of modern classics. The reception counter, the shelves in the suites, a library in the penthouse suite, and modern sideboards for the multimedia units in the rooms are just a few of the pieces by USM Haller featured at this exquisite lodge. There are also two special features: the housekeeping teams can be seen in the hallways with USM Haller service carts. And USM know-how was incorporated into the design of the building – wholly in the tradition of the company, which originated as a metal manufacturing business and made its name with steel frame structures for modular construction  before it began making furniture.

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