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Noises, sounds, voices – these are all strong sensations that affect us continuously. Our sense of hearing thus significantly impacts how we perceive our environment. Whether we are stressed and distracted in a particular environment or whether we feel comfortable in a room and can understand others well is crucially dependent on the room acoustics. And this in turn is largely determined by the nature of all the surfaces, i.e. walls, floor and ceiling – the basic elements of architecture – as well as the furniture in the room.

Problems with room acoustics often only come to light during everyday use. This is especially true in offices in which non-territorial and informal working styles continue to gain in importance. On the one hand, exchange and encounters are promoted while employees simultaneously perceive noise as the strongest source of interference in the workplace. Once a house has long since been handed over and all rooms are being occupied, it happens quite frequently that office furniture has to be expensively improved or subsequently incorporated into the architectural concept. Often, the realization of how closely influences of the room acoustics are linked to the ability of employees to concentrate and work efficiently to the company's benefit comes much too late. And good room acoustic conditions in the workplace also impact the satisfaction and the well-being of employees, thus positively influencing occupational health management.

Pleasant room acoustics should always be an integral part of sound, proactively planned architecture. A basic knowledge of the most important key concepts and inner workings of this discipline is therefore extremely valuable.

The brochure offered here for download is an easy-to-understand introduction to the topic. It also demonstrates how office furniture manufacturer USM and its modular organization systems contribute to improving room acoustics. Project examples demonstrate a variety of possible applications while measurements prove the effectiveness of the acoustically optimized USM Haller Modular Furniture system and the newly developed surface-absorbing Privacy Panel.

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