Schöck administrative building – easy does it

Schöck ISOKORB is a well-known prefabricated component for buildings. For over 40 years Schöck‘s site in Steinbach, a district of Baden-Baden, has been expanding brick by brick as new production and administration buildings are added. This is the headquarters of a global manufacturer of standardised prefabricated structural components which serve primarily to prevent thermal bridges or impact noise.

Transparency and permeability

Innovation and customer focus are essential components of Schöck‘s corporate philosophy – as is the creation of optimum working conditions for employees. One of the company‘s key aims is to remove compartmentalised room structures wherever possible and replace them with large, open-plan office areas to conform to their guiding principle of open and direct internal communications. The rejuvenation and remodelling of the entire administrative building, including a five-story building dating from the 1970s, offered the ideal conditions for implementing this idea of transparency and permeability.

Highest standards of energy efficiency and office design

Architects Herzog and Wolz were keen to upgrade the building to meet current standards of energy efficiency. The old roof structure was replaced with a new, flat green roof with high levels of thermal insulation which also incorporated a photovoltaic module. The facade also received additional insulation and high-quality triple glazing.
Inside, the architects completely stripped out the existing room structure, leaving only the exterior walls and steel supporting columns. Having created this blank canvas, they constructed a contemporary workspace for 170 employees with open-plan, clearly zoned office areas and meeting rooms and kitchenettes separated by glass walls. The architects consciously used bright ceilings and walls, concealed pipes and wiring and warm, solid oak parquet flooring to create a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Two steps to high-quality room acoustics

Two measures ensure optimum room acoustics in open-plan spaces: Acoustically activated ceilings and wall surfaces on the one hand, and acoustically optimised USM Modular Furniture Haller with perforated panels backed with high-performance acoustic fleece on the other. With the help of renowned acoustician Dr. Christian Nocke, the furniture was tailored specifically to the spatial conditions and their effectiveness was verified by precise measurements. In addition to USM Haller furniture, which plays an important role in floor zoning, the offices at Schöck are also equipped with electrically height adjustable USM Kitos desks which allow people to work while either sitting or standing.

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