Lascaux International Centre for Cave Art

Montignac, Dordogne - France

Located in Dordogne, Montignac FRANCE the cave of Lascaux is an UNESCO World Heritage Site listed in 1979, it is one of the most prestigious archaeological finds of the 20th century. One of the masterpieces of prehistoric art, by number and aesthetic quality of its works, this cave is a major tourist site recognized internationally.

The new International Centre for Cave Art allows visitors from all over the world to experience the first complete replica of the famouse decorated cave and experience the prehistoric art up close. 

Casson Mann along with architects Snøhetta and SRA, designed the new building located below the Lascaux hill on an 11,400m2 right-of-way. With its colossal form, the semi-buried building resonates with the surrounding nature and the rock formations of the hill.

The replica cave of Lascaux, the "Sistine Chapel of Prehistory", offers an immersive experience.

The shop is a very important place within this complex, a must for all visitors to the site who wish to learn about Lascaux and Périgord, or simply to bring back a souvenir of this incredible visit.

With a long experience in museums and cultural spaces around the world - particularly in France - the USM Haller system has become a natural choice for architects and project decision-makers.

USM Haller system offers each piece of furniture to be designed precisely for the use or type of product.  While still having the ability to reconfigure, easily adapting to the shops changing requirements and intensive use.  

USM Haller pure white fills the large entrance of the building and shop, while pure orange brings warmth and functionality to the reception area and offices.  USM Haller offers large storage and space definition in both areas.

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