First the furniture

The new home of Mr. N.

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First the furniture – then the room

Mr. N. loves furniture and home accessories. For his new home, he wanted to surround himself only with modern furniture and decor – without the use of built-in furniture. He consulted Mr. Ochi, an interior architect at Club8Studio in Morioka, from whom he had purchased furniture in the past. The design of the house was completed in collaboration with the freelance architect Yo Otsuka. 

Mr. N.’s only instruction to both architects was to express their joy and enthusiasm for their work and show off their skills. He gave the two experts complete freedom in selecting furniture and designing the home.

The well-situated property did not limit the architects in terms of space. Mr. Ochi selected which pieces of furniture could be used, and how and in which rooms, while Mr. Otsuka designed the architectural layout.

The well-situated property did not limit the architects in terms of space.

Entering the house, visitors are greeted by a large foyer with an inviting sofa. From there, they can access individual rooms. When designing the living room, which is separated with a dividing wall, the architects ensured that the area between the sofa and TV remained traffic-free. In the three dining areas, the layout of the rooms and traffic patterns were planned based on the pieces of furniture in those areas.

When selecting furnishings, Mr. Ochi considered his customer’s taste and opted for timeless pieces that Mr. N. could still enjoy in ten to twenty years.

In order to use the space effectively, he considered which modes of cooking would still be performed in the built-in kitchen two decades from now. He arranged the furniture strictly along the walls and showcased the flexibility of the room by using a moveable workstation, which opens from both sides, made from practical, USM Haller.

A six-row shelf was installed along a wall in the kitchen’s dining area. The size of this shelf was the foundation for the final size of the eat-in kitchen.

Thanks to its high level of flexibility, USM Haller was a great way to fulfill the challenge of entirely avoiding built-in furniture.

After deciding to use USM Modular Furniture Haller in the eat-in kitchen, it became clear that it was quite functional and flexible and could fit in anywhere. Thus, it was placed in other rooms, including the bathroom and the laundry room, and used as a shelf in the hallway and a storage area for toys in the children’s room. Scattered around the house, the furniture also helps to create a consistent aesthetic.

In the bathroom, the washbasin cabinet presented a special challenge for the interior architect: it was especially difficult to find a product that was not designed as a built-in. Since the height of the USM Modular Furniture Haller could be adjusted, Mr. Ochi used it underneath the sink as well. It is also a very good match for the previously selected beige-colored shelf.

The modular furniture in the larger rooms is white and beige, while more colorful tones are used to create colorful accents in places such as the stairwell and the restroom.

Thanks to its high level of flexibility, USM Haller was a great way to fulfill the challenge of entirely avoiding built-in furniture. It may not have been possible to realize the project without the modular furniture’s adaptability.

Should Mr. N.’s son take over the house in the future, he will be able to replace each piece of furniture with that of his own taste since no built-in furniture was used. And if the house is sold, the furniture can simply be taken along by its former owner. In this way, the next owner of the house will be able to furnish it entirely according to their own aesthetic, allowing the house to remain desirable for a long time to come.

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