Vintage Meets Timelessness

asobism, Japan

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Vintage Meets Timelessness

The headquarters of the game developer asobism is located in Akihabara, Tokyo. The sales, marketing and international business divisions were relocated to a separate studio in the development department at the company’s Tokyo headquarters.

The area around Kandaogawamachi has a long history of tradition: it is dotted with publishing houses, in between which one can find small second-hand bookstores that appear to be from another era. Even though this district is not quite as elegant as Shibuya or Roppongi, one can still discover places where time seems to stand still – places that take visitors on a journey into the past. This inspiring atmosphere was the main reason asobism chose this site for its new office.

asobism’s instructions to the designer were as follows: create an office open to the street that is as inviting as a café. Furthermore, qualities such as coziness and comfort were important. Since gaming industry employees frequently work late into the night, the vision was to create a pleasant room that encourages employees to relax in a laid-back atmosphere.

Accordingly, the designer chose to forego the latest trends and instead opted for a combination of old, familiar pieces and new furniture, which gave the room more depth as the office aged. Different flooring materials were used to define certain areas. The designer painted the ceiling matte black and selected incandescent light fixtures that give off a soft glow.

The lobby, with its glass facade, now serves as a reception area and conference room that is open to the street. The many small, vintage-style details create a relaxed atmosphere. From here, a couple of steps lead up to the office area and a completely different.
In the back area of the open space, two more steps lead down. Once again, the atmosphere is reminiscent of a café: some of the flooring is made of mosaic tiles, there is a magazine rack in a corner and built-in benches on the walls – features not frequently found in an office.
Since the room’s main design has a vintage feel consisting of a patchwork of materials, the company selected office furniture from the USM Haller collection. UMS Haller furniture is already being used in other asobism offices. In one corner of the room, an accent piece features a colorful quilt of door fronts to blend with the overall design’s lively colors. The furniture of USM Haller, with its wide spectrum of colors, seems like it was made expressly for this purpose. The tables chosen are oiled tabletops made of light oak in a calming shade of brown, and the beige and brown rolling storage units provide the perfect color complement.
Set amidst materials of simple elegance, USM Haller furniture is the office’s finishing touch and seamlessly integrates into its surroundings. The combination of high-quality materials, suitability for office use and timeless beauty was especially appreciated.

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